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In the telecommunications industry, power failure is not an option. Sabre Telecom Services’ emergency generators offer you assurance that your equipment will continue to run if disaster strikes. Our key generator components include:

  • John Deere Tier 3 Engine
    • Fully-supported maintenance provided by John Deere national dealer network
    • Scheduled preventative maintenance program available
    • Optional engine configurations for propane and natural gas
  • Enclosure with significant dBA improvement
    • Maximum operating ambient temperature of 137°F
    • New baffle design that exceeds John Deere’s specifications and is approved for warranty continuation
    • Optional H-Frame design that mounts main breaker, ATS and communication module to the frame, and delivers intact for ease of installation
  • Controller and integrated monitoring system that utilizes Basler DGC-2020
    • Over 150 points of monitoring capability with 20 key targeted points managed daily
    • Remote start, stop, and cycling capability
    • Able to add monitoring services for lights, batteries, security, and HVAC systems
  • Nationally-recognized UC224E Stamford alternator
  • UL certified fuel tank with double-walled construction and 48 hour run time capacity
  • Standard warranty for the lesser of 18 months or 2000 hours on generator and components

Generator Refueling
In addition to offering generators, Sabre Industries offers a variety of Generator Refueling Programs through MUTI. We have a 2500 gallon bulk fuel truck and eight 200 gallon light service tanks that are placed in 4-wheel drive trucks and equipped with a 100’ fueling hose to gain access to the most compact sites in any weather or ground condition. Our programs include:

Program 1 – Fuel on Request (Non-Emergency)
Calls will be required to be complete within 7 days of call.
(Pending location MUTI may elect to utilize an alliance member to reduce mobilization fees incurred by the customer.)

Program 2 – Fuel on Request (Emergency)
Calls will be required to be completed within 4-6 hours of the call.
(Pending location MUTI may elect to utilize an alliance member to reduce mobilization fees incurred by the customer.)

Program 3 – Bi-Annual Scheduled Fueling
Fueling of each generator is performed in early spring and late fall.

Program 4 – New Generator Start-Ups
Calls will be required to be completed at a pre-set time and date.
(Pending location MUTI may elect to utilize an alliance member to reduce mobilization fees incurred by the customer.)

Program 5 – Major Outage
Crews are on call 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.


  • Multi-Fueling Parameters and Certifications
  • MUTI will follow and abide by all Federal, state and local regulations
  • Low Sulfur Fuel Certificates
  • MUTI will provide contact information for 24 hour, 7 day a week service
  • Fuel will be blended for winter temperatures starting in August and ending in April of each year unless otherwise specified
  • MUTI to provide the customer with a summary report indicating the date fueled, generator hours, and gallons fueled for the entire year. (This report can be provided at any time throughout the year)
  • All drivers are fingerprinted and a background check is performed
  • CDL Class A License with a Hazardous/Tanker Materials Endorsement
  • Hazardous Materials Training
  • Spill-kits are provided on each truck
  • National Resource Center and ChemTrec Numbers
  • USDOT Certified
  • Flammable/Combustible on Bulk Trucks – Placard on all four sides
  • Shipping paperwork
  • Security training

Don’t wait until disaster strikes, contact Sabre Telecom Services today at for all your generator needs.

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