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Sabre Industries, Inc. provides highly-engineered utility support structures used for electric transmission and distribution, wireless communications, renewable energy, and government and defense infrastructure. In addition, we offer a variety of value-added services that are critical to the development, expansion and maintenance of both power delivery systems and wireless communication networks.


"The New" Sabre-FWT, Sabre Industries’ utility division, is one of the leading providers of utility support structures. With three manufacturing locations spread out across the country, we have the ability to provide customers with engineering, design, manufacturing, testing, and galvanizing for a wide range of steel utility structures. Sabre provides transmission structures from 69kV to 765kV including single poles, H-Frames, wood pole equivalents and substation structures.

In addition to manufacturing structures, our Alvarado, Texas facility is home to our new testing station. Developed by Brametal, Sabre/Brametal Testing Services, LLC, provides full scale structure testing on lattice towers, tubular steel structures, and wood or concrete poles. Our new testing station offers both destructive and non-destructive testing on real size structures.

Sabre offers utility poles in a wide range of finishes. We can provide you with weathering steel, hot-dip galvanized or dulled structures. Our galvanizing division, Sabre Galvanizing Services, is located on-site and is one of the largest and most environmentally-friendly, full service galvanizers in North America. Utilizing a 65 foot kettle and some of the latest technology, it provides maintenance-free corrosion resistance for the designed life span of your steel structures. In addition to our galvanizer, we have an on-site dulling facility offering you the option of dulled galvanizing for your utility poles.

Serving key customers in the utility industry, "The New" Sabre-FWT has the experience and capability to be your full service partner. Providing engineering, design, manufacturing, testing, and galvanizing for a wide range of structures, we have everything necessary to take your project from proposal preparation to final delivery.


As one of the largest tower and shelter manufacturers in the United States, Sabre Industries offers wireless customers a comprehensive array of solutions. Our tower division, Sabre Towers and Poles, designs and manufactures a complete line of tower structures, including guyed and self-supporting towers, monopoles, and concealment products. Tower parts and accessories are available through our components division, Sabre Site Solutions; and Sabre Building Systems by CellXion, Sabre Industries’ shelter division, designs and manufactures a full line of concrete and lightweight telecom shelters along with Envolock Building Systems. In addition to manufacturing shelters, Sabre Building Systems provides mobile/disaster recovery products and equipment integration.

MUTI and Sabre Telecom Services complete our array of solutions with a full range of service offerings including tower construction, modifications and maintenance, inspection services, microwave design and deployment, utility construction, transport services, and generator and HVAC maintenance. Your partner from beginning to end, we will streamline your work processes and provide you with a complete turnkey solution.

Sabre Industries also has a division dedicated to supplying our products and services to the United States Government. Benefiting from our considerable resources, Sabre Government Systems provides customers with a complete system for such things as command centers, homeland security applications, law enforcement, and public safety.

No matter what your needs may be, Sabre Industries’ increased capacity, diverse mix of infrastructure products and services, and industry-leading design and engineering capabilities will provide you with a complete solution.

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